Fanservice FTW

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I'm going to be straight and to the point here: anyone interesting in playing Maid RPG. I finally stepped into the year 2003 and got wifi at my house, so I'll probally be active enough to GM if you'd let me.

I can't any other pen and paper game hacing a fraction of the appeal this game would have to the Fanservice audience. And under all of it, the mechanics are unlike anything I’ve certainly even played; ironically, the one main idea was for a light hearted lesy game, though the seduction/romance rules are acutally optional. There's nothing better for a silly, light hearted game.

The second reason is because, as I have already stated before, I worship Ewen Cluney, the guy translateed it, the first jrpg to be offically published in English. So, if you pirate it to play and have fun, I'd recomend you buy it. I've talked to Ewen, he is cool and has yet to beat me with a baseball bat; he needs money.

And yes, Sirius, I know you want to try the mecha scenario, Invincible Justibine.
*I mean is anyone interested in playing Maid RPG?
I am!
I am as well, though I haven't played this kind of RPG before. (I just stumbled upon it recently myself and have been looking for someone to play with.) So.. if you don't mind a Rookie..
I certainly don't mind. I'm mostly just experienced in a few stuff like BESM, Pace,and World of Darkness, so it would be a new experience for me as well. With one being the GM/master, we do actually have enough players to start something.

So the first question we need to answer is whter to opt for a just a completely random game, which Maid RPG does supisngly well, or to go with a scenario (and then a one of the premades or an original, though like I said earlier, I think Sirius would spuee over the super robot one.)

Of course, there' also the question of choosing a GM (key word Master, of course). Sirius is an admin here, so I guess it would make sense of rhim to take charge.

And then there's whether or not to do it via chat, the forums, etc.