Fanservice FTW

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OH man this is awesome. I am a DM, but dang would I wish to play this game with tons of beautiful women hahaha. Though it is probably going to be ended up being played by tons of dudes.
I'd certaintly be up for playing, though I doubt I count as a beautfiul woman.
I am sure you would be a better role player than most women. A sexist comment to be sure, but I am never going to be called out on it because women do not want to be role players. It is a secret safe haven of guy superiority.
You've never been to freeform roleplaying forums, have you? The ladies are often dominiant there, particualry anythign with fan fic stuff allowed on it.

Most fan fic writers are girls, so it be an easy transition.
I'm not sure that counts so much as RP, as I want some other sad, lonely people to help me construct my reverse-harem dreamworld with my mary sue original character.
Yes, but how many good players started out with something like DnD expecting a diablo hack and slash, and playing it like such as Munchtkin?

I'm saying it be sorta like that. More chicks are starting out in trashy freeforms as peices of crap, but essentially everyone starting out in freeforms is crap at first.
Robert is wanting to use his Mary Sue character Egregious. Let him. He loves Mary Sues.
Also, Egregious, to Robert D&D is a huge hack and slash as abilities and spells that do not aid in combat are all crap to him lol.