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Fanservice, I need your help. More specifcally, I need your manga/webcomics recommendations. I’d be specically asking Sirus this if my PM system hadn’t been wigging out for the past month.

Anyway, finishing Helter Skelter, I’m mangaless, and open. I was thinking of looking for scanlations of Takeshi Maekawa’s Ironfist Chinmi (hence pic), Motoo Sabiko’s Progolfer Saru (I actually like golf), Desert Rose (In which a widowed housewife decideds to become a terrorist fighting badass), or Tsutomu Takahashi’s Jiraishin (A psychological detective story). However, I want to the two cents of you guys.

I have some weird taste I’m pretty sure none of you know or care about, but I guess they should be taken into account.

When all else fails, I reach for a shonen. Sports, busting heads, whatever. I’m a dude. My favs are Eyeshield 21, even though I care less about American football, and UFO Robo Grendizer, even if the manga version didn’t really have an ending.

I’ve been getting into H.P. Lovecraft, so some horror might be nice. I like Gio the Death Stench Creeps.

I’m also a tad fond of soap opera type shojo stuff, the cheesier, angstier, and more overly dramatic the better. The more psychological stuff is funderful too. My favorite shojos are currently Red River, God Child, and Boy’s Over Flowers. And my favorite josei is Helter Skelter.

Food . Stuff about cooking is good, even if I may not have much of a stomach. Oishinbo and What Did You Eat Yesterday are definite favorites.

CLAMP is a crapshoot. For everything by them I love like Clover, they come out with seven things that make me say WTF like Legend of Chun Hyang.
Do you have a myanimelist account, or something similar so I can get a gauge for what you've watched?

But some of my favorites are:
Trigun and its continuation Trigun Maximum(Don't get turned off if you saw the anime from the 90's, it's superior in every way, and the only really good thing I have to say about the anime is that it had a good sountrack. The manga moves faster, has a much better pace, writing, and some emotional depth, and some awesome action scenes.)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (In my opinion the pinnacle of modern shounen, very little power level faggotry, interesting characters, the story never drags due to the fact that each part is a stand alone story, and the characters actually use their brains.)

Berserk (One of the most popular manga out there, and with it's great storytelling and setting combined with it's beautiful art, it's very easy to see why.)

Guyver(though the first part isn't tl'ed you can watch the more recent anime adaption, as it's almost a perfect adaptation of the manga, with like one or two very small things changed, in addition to some more updated character designs)

Devilman (A classic and must read IMO)

Legend of the strongest man: Kurosawa (Starts off slow, and the situation of the main character is rather pathetic, but it really picks up. Very touching.)
FYI Phangry and I are considered to be the same in terms of taste though there are deviations between us, but we adhere to the same orthodoxy more or less.
I would also recommend the Getter Robo manga in addition to all of this. I felt the pacing for Getter Robo was awesome. It was a fast paced ride and it never lulled.
Yeah but that is still being scanlated.

If you liked UFO Robot Grendizer Mazinger Z is actually completely translated, and I'm actually working on the first chapter of Great Mazinger now, and it should be done by the weekend.
True but the first installment is scanlated all the way and worth a read whether or not Getter Robo G is completely scanlated. Also, Getter Robo Go (which is after G) is all the way scanlated so once G is done Go is already available.
food mangas...Addicted to curry (has the best curry recipes in it too!) and cooking master boy
Thanks alot guys.