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take those shades off you are not cool enough
dude animated is referencing Gunbuster NOT Gurren Lagann. Though Gurren Lagann fans do not even recognize the shades as a Gunbuster reference.
Also Hydra in the Super God Masterforce anime was totally kick butt.
No one feeling bad for the cripple in the middle?
Sirius, those shades are nowhere in Gunbuster. Shut up and sit down.
Which cripple? The dude in the picture hanging out with the Decepticons or the cripple that is saying Kamina shades are totally unique to Gurren Lagann even though they showed up apparently by magic in Transformers Animated a year before Gurren Lagann came out. Prowl and Soundwave must of copied Gurren Lagann from the future.
Unless Gurren Lagann and Transformers Animated were both influenced by... gasp... GUNBUSTER!!
I am sure Getter Robo also copies Gurren Lagann.
Sirius do you realize how much bullshit you're full of? lmfao

1. Transformers Animated debuted in America seven months *after* TTGL debuted in Japan.
2. The only thing TTGL references Gunbuster with is "The Gunbuster Pose" which every anime and its sister references. As for the glasses? Prove it, or shut the fuck up. <3

You really should do your research before spouting nonsense about what TTGL references and what it doesn't. TTGL is a tribute series so when it does "copy other series" it does so intentionally. When you say that it's copying other series in regards to what it created absolutely originally, you make yourself look like one of the biggest assholes on the internet.

So, again, please sit down and shut up, before you lump all of the TTGL fans together in some completely unfair, ignorant group of people, because some of us actually know what TTGL is all about. :3
Yeah and Gurren Lagann was so influential after 7 MONTHS of airing. I mean everyone was trying to get after it. In reality its from ABC Warriors and Gunbuster. The Animators of Animated have said as such and the ONLY Gurren Lagann reference that was at the behest of fans was the Constructicon Dirt Boss!! I have done my research and here are my links to prove it. From the links you can see that Gainax was an influence and the Kamina shades were a parallel evolution because guess what... they were homaging the same things!! Ta da! I win so I get to talk.
There it is. An exaustive reference of links.
So I guess shit turns to gold.
Also, I am only kidding around. The internet is a foolish place. I am only spicing things up. You said 'shut up and sit down' so I thought we were going to playfully taunt each other. If you were offended, I am sorry.
idk what happened to the link that were previous go with these for Dirt Boss (the Lagann reference) and Soundwave who has Gurren shades but at a time when no one cared about Gurren Lagann outside of hardcore anime fans who were watching fansubs.
gah just make sure that when you enter soundwave that it is just one word. The URL keeps on getting messed up.
Oi, oi, I never said Transformers Animated was ripping off/copying TTGL. I was just trying to point out that Transformers Animated *wasn't the first one* with Kamina-shades.

I only asked for proof of an instance of Kamina-shades in Gunbuster, not proof of Kamina-shades in Transformers.
...although I guess I can see how you could infer that, after thinking about what I said. Regardless of WHO invented Kamina-shades "first", TTGL is what made them a "fad", ergo, why they're called Kamina-shades, and why I said "you're not cool enough."
I actually don't remember there being any Kamina shades in Gunbuster. The glasses Nono wears at the end of Diebuster are a little bit evocative of that, but are still not that similar.

Though I think everyone with a little bit of knowledge of mecha anime knows how derivative TTGL is of the super robot genre, but then again, it was almost intended as a parody of the genre, so it really doesn't matter.

I'm still not sure what everyone is arguing about.
Its probably a GL reference, but GL fans like to lump everything as coming from GL so I jumped the gun.
Sirius, babe, why must you say such hurtful things ; n;

But going to lie, though, GL fans (ESPECIALLY those in America) really don't *get* it--it's so awkward at conventions, attracting these kind of people with my Yoko cosplay and then they go on about "HOW EPIC GURREN LAGANN IS XDDDDDDDD IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND OMG LOL!!!!1!!!1" and that's...all they really have to say about it.

I think it would be safe to say that any of the regulars at Fanservice FTW aren't that kind of knuckle-dragging meme-spewing fan of any series.
Except Catrain McFizzwizzle.