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1. First appearance of the bag. Volume 23: Episode 188; Winters Journey 2

2. The bag was originally carried via a string. This string also served to hold the bag closed. Volume 23: Episode 188; Winters Journey 2

3, 4, & 5. Guts and the string have an intimate moment together. Episode 188: Winters Journey 2

6. Bag is given a new job besides carrying Guts’ dirty undies. Using it’s string, the bag is responsible for holding Casca prisoner. Volume 23: Episode 188; Winters Journey 2

7. The bag is a cruel master. Volume 23: Episode 188; Winters Journey 2

8. With relations between Guts and Casca frayed, and itself and Casca growing ever closer together, the bag seizes it’s opportunity; the bag and Casca begin sleeping together! Puck sometimes joins them. Guts hits Casca when he catches them together, but must be too ashamed and humiliated to do anything to the bag. Volume 23: Episode 188; Winters Journey 2

9. Casca has escaped with the help of the bag! Out of anger and frustration, Guts attempts to bed Casca when he catches her, her bag lover miles away, and unable to protect her from the brute. Guts has become a petty and pathetic man at the hands of the bag. Volume 23: Episode 189; Time Apart

10, & 11. The bag looks on, stoic, as Farnese pledges her alleageance to Guts, and perhaps… the power of the bag? Volume 23: Episode 190; Hungry Spirit

12, 13, 14, & 15. The first appearance of the stick! And the bag in it’s current form! Volume 23: Episode 196; Like A Child

16, 17, 18, 19, & 20. Bag sneaks a peak at Casca, but quickly looks away. It leads Guts and company to the Spirit woods, and eventually, to Flora’s house. Volume 24: Multiple Episodes.

So, as you can see, the bag is not something new. It’s a well established, charismatic, and important character in Berserk that’s been shaping the direction of the story since volume 23.