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I was under the impression that most mecha series are seinen...
Eh, actually imo most mecha series are Shounen. LotGH isnt really giant robots but its a space drama that tends to have a large following of mech fans. *looks at Phangry* Mech series tend to sell toys and therefore are geared toward kids. Sometimes they are awesome. Other times you get crap.
The roots of mecha are shounen monster of the week cartoons like Mazinger and Getter Robo, though for some reason a lot of mech fans never really grew out of it, so a good portion of the remakes of older mecha shows target an older demographic.

I wouldn't say either one is a majority, though super robo tends to be more shounen, while real robo tends to be more seinen.

If you want to cause a real shitstorm go ask /m/ what Gundam is.

And a lot of mech fans are also Space Opera fans.