Fanservice FTW

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rape isnt allowed here kaitou

pls go
that is the best tag in the story of tags, milk came out of my nose

this is actually double rape, isn't it? because neither of them wants it
Really disliked this scene.
Haruto definitely doesn't want it. Saki is clearly the rapist for giving in.

Yeah, Tzion, made me feel a bit uncomfortable.
But I dunno, I think she was trying to help him. His Geass Vampire had been taking over more frequently, he told her. She was willing to let him bite her so it'd go down, but it had been so long he required more than a body swap. Maybe she was serious about easing his suffering and didn't stop him, despite it being made kinda clear she can take him down. Maybe next episode will give some light on why she let it happen.

I wasn't really uncomfortable, I was just surprised for it happening, and how it happened.