Fanservice FTW

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Flash Animation


Here are the instructions for the game from the game's website:

Using the Wahaha Car, please run over the students from the other schools. If you run over a student from Tsuruga, it will count as 1 mistake (bringing your life count down by one). Once you have no more lives, the game is over.

The Wahaha Car will chase after the Wahaha Cursor, which is controlled by your mouse.

Whenever you run over a student from a school other than Tsuruga, you will receive points. If you run over students from the same school consecutively, you will receive a combo bonus in addition to the points normally received.

Once you run over a certain number of people, the level will increase. When that happens, the number of students appearing on the screen will also increase, and the points you receive will also be adjusted higher accordingly.

If you left click the screen while playing, you will gain two seconds of "Emergency Dodging Mode". During this time, the screen will stop scrolling, and running into Tsuruga students will not count as a mistake. However, the number of times you may activate this mode is dictated by the number of Etopen icons you have at the bottom of your screen.

Mahjong tile bonus items will also appear after you have fulfilled two requirements: 1) You must run over 10 people, and 2) it must have been at least 10 seconds since the last bonus.

The type of bonus item that will appear depends on the school of the last student you run over when fulfilling the requirement. Bonus item types are as follows:

Red 中 (Kiyosumi): Wahaha Car speed increases (cursor chase speed)
White (Kazekoshi): Increases your Etopen counter for Emergency Dodging Mode (maximum of three in stock allowed)
Green 發 (Ryuumonbuchi): Screen scrolling speed decreases

When you reach Game Over, your fastest speed, highest level, highest combo count, highest points, and maximum distance will be displayed.