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Oh, well, the things I WANTED to upload won't go through for some reason, so here's some stuff I've gotten relatively recently that might interest you guys.

I apologize for my laptop's bad camera.
I've never read the Metal Gear Solid novelization, but I do own the comic book. It's an okay presentation of the story, but I love Ashley Wood's artwork for it.
Oh, the novel is fine, but it leaves out a lot of the, ahem, classic lines, like "Are you gonna take on a hind with your bare hands" and Ocelot's "Long silver bullet" start of indicating he's gay. And of course, Mantis doesn't break the fourth wall. It's written by a guy who did the Splinter Cell novelizations, if I remember right, and a lot of the 007 ones, and it feels more like the later than Metal Gear proper. I appreciate the author trying to do his own thing, but I'm kinda mixed on it.
Interesting notes about the MGS novel. I've been replaying the series recently in anticipation for Revengeance.

'Metal Gear Solid' is still my favorite of the series, even if it hasn't aged the best.

Also, Ocelot totally isn't gay.
Series? Eh, I'm really more of a Z.O.E., Polienauts, Snatch, and Boktai fan when it comes to Kojima. I LIKE Snake Eater and Sons of Liberty, but you NOW he doesn't WANT to make those games. A big reason for his sheer trollines and increased amount of messing with the player's head as the series progresses, which isn't near as big in his other games.

Sorry, oh yeah, I Kojima only confirmed his love/lust for Big Boss. I forgot, he didn't say he was gay, perse. I can't remember him being attracted to anyone else, but I haven't played the games in a while.

I do believe it's mentioned a bit in Kojima's commentary on 3.

But, yeah, nevermind I remember some comments Ocelot made to Meryl, I think. Yeah, I was wrong. He's bisexual.

Oh, and I forgot about this little bit in MGS4. After the bullet thing in MGS 1 and, well, 3 in general... My mind is simply "suprise, suprise." And it admittedly, puts some of Liquid's "brother" talk and the shirtless fist fight over Rex in MGS1 in a... ahem, interesting light.
If you don't main Neuro, Jotaro or Momotaro in Jump, you're playing it wrong.
Wait, that's Super, not Ultimate Stars, so I don't even know if they're there.
I've played as Dio! Haven't unlocked a lot of people yet.