Fanservice FTW

Please use Japanese naming order for Japanese characters, i.e. uzumaki_naruto, not naruto_uzumaki.


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if you just make a league of pony fans I think you can cut back on some of the paper work

Someone (besides me) inspected Yodelman's MAL to see if he really is a brony.

Yeah, I chuckled when he said he was not a brony I admit, Kaitou ended up going over the top with this. Man this is hilarious.
This all part of a past plan to be a complete nuisance to all the militant pony haters who felt threatened by the presence of three threads (which were created at isolated times) on the forums.

Also, context.

>Holy shit, I'm such a fag.

>I don't see myself starting any other clubs.

But thanks for reminding me I need to hand ownership of those clubs to someone else.
*This WAS all
Don't worry Yodel, brony or not, you're still our friend. THE FIRST STEP TO FREEDOM IS ACCEPTING WHO YOU ARE
I'm just a fan.
What if Yodel, the only thing I like about My Little Pony is that Hasbro can keep Transformer names under their IP ownership. For a long while, that is all that MLP did. Beachcomber is a great example of this.
It doesn't matter much to me.

If someone enjoys it, cool. I can discuss the show with them. If someone doesn't, it doesn't mean they're awful or have bad taste.

MLP isn't really a big thing to me.