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To be fair most of those are 80s OVAs, though quality still pops up in them as well. There was a anime bubble that existed where tons of money was pouring into the industry. Most of that has dried up.

However, I do enjoy hand painted cels over digital ones. I am just saying, this is not a fair comparison.
How to make yourself look good:
1)Take a picture of you at your best
2)One of your foe at his worst
this is like a cornucopia of failure.
lets compare some of the worst animes ever made to some of the most generic animes ever made.
I like digital.

Come at me.
This reminds me of the interview where Hideaki Ano felt like his mentor/father figure Miyazaki was betraying him and the art for doing Princess Mononoke in partially in digital. Fast forward a decade, and Gainax is doing digital, and we get infamous derp faces episode of Gurren Laggan.

But, yeah, something like Mononoke or, say, The Millenium Actress aren't good would be unfair representations of digital use as a whole, even if they show it can used very effectively. Also, OVAs were the cheap ass "indie" productions of the time, so either we're in a budgetary desert, or good ol' Japanese factory worker ethic for creative mediums isn't working like it used to.

Eh, I LIKED Alita and Guyver! Of course, the ova realm is filled with DARK AND EDGY failure by the truck load, but Sturgeon's Law ("90% of everything is crud") applies to new and old. Good thing about old is that sewer waters have partially been waded for you.
*waded through
Anno is a giant hypocrite. The Eva movies are 100% digital.

Though, Tzion likes QUALITY faces. To him, anime did not exist until the year 2005.
*... aren't good representations of digital use as a whole, even if they show it can used very effectively.

: P I like those movies.

Also, I don't anyone at Gainax is really adamantly against digital ANYMORE. I was just talking about some . I meant times and opinions have changed. Though, yes, Anno is NOT my favorite Gainax worker. I'm not an Eva fan, to put it lightly.

I don't know, I'd point Tzion to alot of 70's stuff, then.
Well, since I love to be pedantic Anno was not actually at Gainax when they made GL.

But I think that most of the debate about cel animation vs digital is moot at this point.

Sure, early into digital animations life most series looked like something drawn in MS paint and filled with the paint bucket tool (Gundam Seed), but it's come a long way since then.

But I think Sirius is right in that the series shown for cel animation in the comparison image are OVA's which tend to have a higher budget than something produced to air weekly.

So, even older anime that are lauded (like Hokuto no Ken) are rife with QUALITY.

When it really gets bad is when you compare something more directly.

Like comparing Macross DYRL? or Macross Plus (though it does have some CG) to Frontier, I know that it's not a wholly even comparison but it is still a let down.