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So, here's a story. In November, I wanted to start following current anime. As a start, I heard there was a new shoujo series. And the that's all I knew about it. I actually vomited about half way through the first episode. Yeah, kids, that's why you don't try to follow anime just because it's new. I really wish I read Day's blog before I watched that show...
Oh, nevermind, it was October. Time just flies. yeah, that's right. My laptop died the day I watched this show. Coincidence? And I only got the new one in the middle of November, going a few weeks without the net or anything.
Hm, I've been reading this for about a year now (haven't watched the anime yet) and I really enjoy it. Haru isn't misogynistic so much as he is completely ignorant of social norms. His growth as a social being is a key element of the story.