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BR dubs are good for rewatches because the file size is small. Like, I had all of Sousei no Aquarion in a 2GB MP4 Player
Congrats on you getting a tag on Fanservice. I rolled when I read that post. Phangry said I was taking a gamble, but I felt it was worth it. If I was wrong, I would have egg on my face. If I was right, it would be epic.

I was like Pt dubs, is this shorthand for Portuguese? This cannot be Kaitou. This guy is probably from the real Portugal, then you came out and said Brazilian Portuguese confirming the Kaitou origins of the post. I bet half of /m/ things you are Spanish. I know better.

Seriously, I was surprised. You are a friend so that is why I posted this up here. We love to kid about your Brazilian nationalism.
I cried when I noticed I had a tag. Joking aside, I have to congratulate you on that gamble. And when that Brazilian Guy appeared on Gyrozetter, /m/ did think it was Spanish, so I wouldn't be surprised.

I sure know Phangry loves to kid about my Brazilian nationalism.
i don't even laugh online