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Since there is an imaginary number(i) in this, it cannot be computed but if i was a 1, this check would be made out for roughly $24.14.^i(pi)%2Bsum_(k%3D1)^infinity1%2F(2^k)
Actually, since e^(ix) = cosx + isinx, e^(i*pi) = -1. And the sum there is the geometric series with x = .5
=> 1/(1-.5) = 2
So .002 - 1 + 2 = 1.002

The given story behind this is that the man was charged a ridiculous $1.002 in overages by Verizon, so he decided to make life hard for them, too.
The relation between e^i and trig functions is known as Euler's Formula, btw.
I am an electrical engineer. I have to love Euler's formula.
I had to use a calculator because I had no idea how to begin to solve it. So Tzion, when you go in depth and explain it, Mind=Blown.