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I just got done reading Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman, and despite being really shitty, it also featured half of the dialogue written in vertical type, overlaid over the image, without speech bubbles.

Not only was it a shitty tie in to a manga masterpiece, but was very annoying to read.
Amon had a few good chapters, but overall it was pretty bad. You should try Strange Days and stay as far as you can from Neo Devilman.
I've read Strange Days, I didn't really like that either. I've got Devilman Lady downloaded, but I'm not sure I want to read it.

The problem with adding on to Devilman is that it really doesn't need anything. Sure, you could have maybe added in maybe one volume's worth of material to the ending, but that's about it.

All of the sequels seem to miss the point of writing good characters, and try to be as erotic and grotesque as possible.
Yeah, I noticed that. I dunno, maybe the average Devilman is like the average Elfen Lied fan and only goes on and on about how gorish and how many boobs show up.

While Amon had one or two interesting concepts on that first story that talked about the Selene and Lucifer's split-twin, the rest of it seemed kind of pointless, mostly that last one with the guy that claimed that Devilman didn't exist.

I'm also hesitant on Devilman Lady, but I feel like trying Devilman vs. Getter Robo.
It wasn't as bad as the Amon OVA at least. Which is weird, since they actually cut out the whole title of the book, and skim over Fudou's re-awakening, and go back in time for some pointless exposition.

It was kind of a jumbled mess.

I also have Devilman vs Getter Robo. I'm working my way through Getter Robo Go right now, so I might try that later.

At least if it sucks it'll only be one volume, opposed to Devilman Lady's 17.
Oh, are you liking Go? It is my favorite entry in the Getter Saga.
It's pretty good so far, I like that they've toned down the goofiness from the original and G.

Also, thank god the Getter doesn't look like the one from the anime produced at roughly the same time.
Also, if you feel like knowing how far Getter's power can go and endure the greatest cliffhanger of all time, you should totally read Ark
I'm steadily working my way through Saga, I took a break while they were translating. I can't stand waiting for things to finish airing/being translated.

I've already seen the all the Getter Anime, so I doubt there will be too many surprises there for me.
I finished Go, it was pretty cool.

The inclusion of that stupid kid at the end seemed pointless, though.