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Wow this is inacurate as fuck, nice piece of deontological journalism.
It's only slightly inaccurate. The rifles are issued to every male citizen during their militia service, and are allowed to remain in their possession with the full auto function removed after they are discharged.
I know that this pic was not completely 'accurate' nor did the author intend it to be a summary of Switzerland's gun laws, but it was supposed to prove a point.

Deontological is such a dirty word.
No, it doesn't prove anything. The author tries to draw a parallel between switzerland and the USA by sugesting that crime rate is function of the free distribution of weaponswhile totally disregarding demographic, or economical factors nor the actual efficiency of the police.
We are talking about assault rifles, not some handguns you can easily conceal.
Anti-gun activists in the US are far more against the difficult-to-hide "assault" weapons than they are against handguns (especially after the DC 2nd Amendment case). This image is political rhetoric, not a peer-review policy journal, or even mainstream "objective" journalism.

I can understand if you dislike shallow political memes, but this is hardly an isolated instance of such content on the internet, or even on Fanservice. Your anger may be more productively directed toward a general essay on the pros and cons of different media in expressing political arguments. I'll consider publishing it on the blog.
Honestly, I thought this was more of a 'why we should not have a military' poster.