Fanservice FTW

Please use Japanese naming order for Japanese characters, i.e. uzumaki_naruto, not naruto_uzumaki.


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RID and MTMTE are already taking the little money I get. I don't need to read this one.
But it's good!

And you can always pirate it.

Have you read the original marvel comics? If not then maybe this wouldn't be as enjoyable. The Marvel run really wasn't that great (it had some good issues though) until Simon Furman took over as writer.
I only have the Matrix Quest book and the Fallen Angel book (which is the UK Marvel comic).
Hahahahahahahaha! Attention whore in the tag is so funny. Also, this is the A cover (I got the awesome retro B cover) so no spoils.
I try to get A & B covers. I didn't even come close to getting all the Issue 1 covers for RID and MTMTE. Reprint covers aren't that important to me.
I've stopped buying singles for the most part, I just get the trades. Easier to deal with.