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Given that oil companies fund the eugenicist scientist to limit their energy production thus creating artificial scarcity and even more profits (look at BP, Exxon and Mobile, the Rockefeller Foundation, ext).

So yes, also it is not 90% of scientists. The ICPC is mostly made up of bureaucrats not scientists. This image needs to troll harder.
Excuse me the IPCC*

There you go.
Real flowchart
Corporate tax free foundations -> (fund) Useful Idiots ("Regional Environmental Groups and Community Activist") -> Spend money to implement the UN Corporate Agenda 21 to strip people of their private property for corporate use for 'environmental purposes' -> energy and gasoline is restricted due to zoning laws thus increasing the price of oil and the profit to pump it out shutting out any competition thus solidifying the oil companies monopoly -> that money is used to block lawsuits through limited liability legislation formed through regulatory capture (regulations do the opposite of what they intend to do) -> People starve and die from lack of energy because that is trendy and liberal -> mass human depopulation occurs as per the directives of Agenda 21 and the IPCC -> the elite kill off all the 'bad weeds' (ie us) also killing off the useful idiots mentioned before (yes you are not exempt from population control) -> A global Ultra-Hitlerian system is created.

Of course this is one prong, the other prong is through the IMF and World Bank sending out predatory loans and gobbling up infrastructure through essentially loan sharking entire nations. That is liberal and trendy as well.

Reality is complex, it is not a simple dumb flowchart. Deal with it. Profits are good because they represent savings. Ill-gotten profit is bad because it is stealing, not because someone is rich.
And Armored Core is even more complex than reality.
Armored Core is so ridiculously complex.

That said, I have great memories of 2, yet I haven't been able to get into any of the other ones.

I'm considering picking up Armored Core V when it comes out on March 20th.
Armored Core V is so complex it is a complex inside of a complex so that you can be complex while you are complexing.
I been playing it for about two years and I still can't get the hang of Last Raven.