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Yes, this is an insult.
In hindsight, Mr. Bushido was pretty useless because he refused to fight anyone other than Setsuna. Of course, he was unfortunate enough to have no mass-produced mobile suits to fight against, so I'm not sure if he's to fault as the writers simply weren't willing to let any of those mechs get destroyed until the last couple episodes anyway.

Not quite sure how Shinn was useless, though. He took down multiple battleships, some gigantic mobile armor, the Abyss, and the Freedom.
Sirius, you tagged Shinn as Athrun, you goofball.
Didn't Shinn have an underwater fight with a mobile armor similar to the one Setsuna had in S1, or am I mistaking that for a fight with Abyss?
If Shinn had a fight with a mobile armor, I can't remember.

I was probably distracted by his constant whining and bitching.
Oh, welcome back, Phangry. Feels like I haven't seen you in at least a month.
So, Char clones? Granted, I'm only familiar with the last two.

Also, yeah, after the blue screens, and then connection issues, my laptop broke... I might get another laptop or a tablet at the end of the month, but I can't promise that. I will try to post when i can until then, though.
Hm, I think the only actual Char clone here would be Bushido. Shinn is a Kamille clone and Jerid is probably not a clone too. Zeta's Char clone is obviously Quattro, they even have the same VA (sunrise wasn't even trying).