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Plain male leads is just not a disease on SHAFT but in a majority of moe-centric animes themselves. Commonly, the viewer is invited to BE the main lead male as he is usually a hollow, characterless, and worthless to the narrative other than to be the window to the show. That is modern anime, though. Girls doing dumb stuff (moeblobs) and bland guys are the bread and butter of these writers. Also, the series might to better without a guy because crazy okaku do not like the idea of their favorite waifu being in a committed relationship. Either way, I cannot wait until the moe fad ends or is incorporated into anime at large much like 90s harems. It has its place, but not at the forefront of every series.

I, also, as a writer I tend to detest the term moe as a collection of arbitrary traits. I feel writers should not feel pressured to add 'moe' into series to make it popular. Much of the time it is forced. I view character traits as a set of writing tools to be used and implemented with the writer feeling free to do whenever with the reader given the freedom to interpret the character as he sees fit without being locked into A litany of moe traits. Look at Rei Ayanami from Eva. She as SUPPOSED to be freaky but came off endearing (an unintended success) thus why we have so many Rei clones in modern anime *Cough* Misaki Mei *Cough* Nagato Yuki *Cough* *Cough*. Let readers decide whether or not a character is worthwhile rather than pander to the lowest common denominator and thus making a character uninteresting from a critical eye.

While I am at it for all the haters of Eva out there, isn't it funny how many times Rei has been cloned (not in the show but in other series) yet there is a whole HATE EVA bandwagon people get on yet they roll around in the Nagatos of Haruhi with glee like they are some original novel concept? Food for thought.

I'll take enjoyability over originality any day of the week. And just about everything is more enjoyable than Eva.
Glad you did not address the technical points of my argument Tzion about moeblobs and bland male leads.

Enjoyability is subjective of course I cannot win that argument. I loved the End of Eva and Evangelion at large. Of course if you did not enjoy it, that is your problem not mine.

Also, thanks for being the generic and stereotypical Eva hater Tzion.
I don't hate Eva. In fact, I love Rebuild, and I gave 2.0 a 10/10. But the TV series just isn't much fun to watch. Technical points and originality aren't factors unless you want them to be. There's no universal standard of what must be appreciated.
While I do think that male leads without personality is a problem, I don't think shaft suffers from this syndrome too much.

I have not seen everything shaft has made, I have enjoyed most of what I have seen.

Also, people hating Evangelion is nothing new, especially when you take into consideration the fact that Tzion generally dislike darker anime and unhappy endings.

It's more of a fundamental difference in what he is looking to get out of anime, I think.

Though, I don't really disagree with much of what Sirius has stated.
I don't agree with a lot of it, just because most of it is opinion. You are arguing against other people's opinions, which you find "wrong" using your own opinion, which is "right". I.E. you aren't really arguing anything other than taste.