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The fun part is that Toradora, Zero no Tsukaima, and Haruhi are all book series with far more plot coherency and character development than just about any US cartoon and have fewer illustrations than most youth Bibles. Actually even K-ON! has more plot.
Yeah, but you watch US cartoons for the humor, high framerate, lovable characters, visual appeal, and overall wackiness, not plot coherency and character development.
Megas XLR was awesome. Mecha is not just 'cartoons' pft.
I dig Giant Robots.
We dig giant robots.
Chicks dig giant robots.
A boy and girl mistakenly feared by the rest of their school join forces to help each other confess to their crushes. Antics ensue along the way!

A video game fanatic and her friends point out the pleasures and quirks of Japanese life and anime fandom and have wacky experiences at conventions!

A boy meets a girl thought to have the power to destroy the world. He goes on strange adventures with a time traveler, an esper, and an alien!

A boy gets warped into another dimension and enters a school full of wizards and magicians and saves a kingdom during a time of war!

Five high school girls shoot for their dreams and form a band together, practicing and performing in hopes of debuting on the national stage!
Exactly. It's really tiring now that people that have no idea what they are actually talking about harp on these shows and anime in general. "ITS MOEBLOB WITH NO PLOT OR WRITING LOLOLOLOL". Half these people have probably seen no more than one episode of these, if that, and definitely none of the novel series.
I hate shows with moe blobs and awful writing/directing. I could name a few here. Megas XLRhad great directing and tons of homages to mechas that have never aired in the US (ie animes that are so above American broadcasting).

I would take Macross or Mobile Suit Gundam (the originals) over any of the series at the top that are used to show the superiority factor of anime.

Point being, it is not a classic just because it is an anime. People confuse good animes like the classics with modern moeblob animes.
You guys do realize that anime has flaws, right?
Yes, anime has flaws, but there are a bunch of people (apparently like the creator of this image) who act like 90% of anime has basically no writing, and then go on to raise up American TV like it's so much better...when it has it's fair share of problems people gloss over.

Also, people very often put down things they don't understand because it doesn't suit their tastes. "X is bad because it looks like moeblobs and I hate moe but Y is a classic because it falls within my tastes"