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Note for the Gundam-Madoka connection. This is more in reference to the fact that both shows (well UC Gundam) are in fact really depressing.
Then why do they adopt the 00 style for most of 'em? =/
00 is nearly super robot. Also, it is fresh in people's minds. Tomino himself said that Madoka inspired him to make a new Ideon.
Who's Tomino and what's Ideon? Sorry, noob here.
Hey, trying to PM you. You should talk to me and Phangry on AIM if you have one or make one if you do not.

Tomino is the original creator of Gundam. He is known as 'kill them all' given what happens in most of his shows.
I don't do AIM. I got it years ago when I was a middle schooler but I never used it. Tomino sounds like a pretty cool guy.
Space Runaway Ideon is a mecha show that debuted after Gundam. It is a super robot made up of 3 trucks with incredible power. It is essentially mecha Madoka.
Get a new one or just any chatting service. We are both Transformers fans and want to get to know you.
>Tomino sounds like a pretty cool guy

If you knew...