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This is how I feel.
I'm being bullied at school.
I'm constantly ignored.
Constantly picked on.
People keep spreading rumors that I'm gay.
I'm verbally harassed by others.
People insult me because I look like a girl.
I wanna fight back, but I can't. Otherwise, if I kick their asses, I'm going to get a nasty scar on my reputation, thus decreasing my chance of getting a nice job. They'll probably get their friends after me too and jump me while I'm walking home.
I try to cheer myself up, but I can't. I'm bipolar and pessimistic. I look to the bright side, but all I see is a bad ending in each scenario.
The bullies won't stop if I ask them peacefully, they'll just do even more things to me.
If I report them to the principal or the police (they smoke weed), they'll come after me.
What am I going to do?
Kill myself? Start slitting my wrists?
I'm hopeless.
You'd rather kill yourself than get a reputational scar and then beaten to a pulp? What's wrong with your priorities. If you're gonna go out, go out with a bang! Show these bullies that a cornered mouse can beat a lion!
"People keep spreading rumors that I'm gay.
I'm verbally harassed by others.
People insult me because I look like a girl."

Well, if anime has taught me anything, you could try crossdressing.

Seriously though, if you want to talk to someone hit me up via PMs.
I'm truly sorry if I had worried you all. I'm being serious about the bullying though, but I had it taken care of, so don't worry!
Again, I'm very sorry if I had you get the wrong idea. I don't really deserve any false sympathy, so forgive me if I sounded like a pathetic loser who has no life.
I have mood swings and I hate it. It can really be a pain to me, and people around me.
Kaitou, I appreciate the fact that you've tried to help. Tzion, thank you for considering talking to me. I don't want to cause any trouble, and for the 3rd and last time...
Just about everyone has to deal with depression at some point in his life. Make sure you have someone to talk to when it happens and that you actually DO talk to them. Especially if you're having self-harming or suicidal thoughts. That's never the right answer.
You're right. It's just a phase, I guess.
Thank you for your support. I truly appreciate it.
Were you serious about crossdressing? XD
I was actually curious about what it's like (don't judge me), but I've never tried it.
I'm 30% trap, I guess. ^_^"
Well if you like the idea of wearing women's clothing, or being found attractive by other males, and are okay with the social ramifications, then yes,
Also you could just do some Touhou crossplay. That's like the most acceptable form of crossdressing, at least in the anime community.
In a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a cute girl you'd say you are?
Uh... Hmmm...
I guess 5.2?
If I actually wore makeup, then 7.5.
I was also thinking of cosplaying as Hideyoshi, but then I'd have to cut my hair a bit shorter and dye my hair brown. Not to mention green prescription contacts due to the fact I'm fucking BLIND without my glasses.
The farthest I could go as for crossplaying is probably being a trap, given the fact that I'm a (decently minor) trap.
My dad won't approve of me in a schoolgirl outfit or a maid outfit. I don't think my personal morals will, either. So...
If you were expecting me to wear a lolita dress, well.... Tough luck. XD
Also, none of the characters in Touhou seem to match my hair length (let alone hair color) for me to actually crossplay as them.
Once I get my Fumizuki Academy Male Uniform (ironically in a female's fit), I'll see if I can put up any pictures in here. That is, if you want me to. I don't want to sound like a camwhore. ^_^
Eri, you remind of someone. I'm sending you a PM.
I'd like to see that.
With or without nuts? Just kidding.
I don't have any cash on me right now, but I was thinking I'd use the hundred dollars I would get for getting Straight A's.
No, I'm not a richfag who's spoiled as fuck. I either get straight A's and $100 dollars for it, or no money at all. That's just how I roll.
Also, I was thinking of getting the cosplay somewhere around Spring 2013, which is when Anime Central is around. Sorry to disappoint you, but you'll have to do some waiting~!
would it be creepy if I said I'm still waiting for eri to deliver?
Eh, I don't think interest in the subject is by default. If you said you were practicing on typing one handed in anticipation, then yes, it'd likely be creepy.

Though, when I get enough cash to get hormones regular/actually have the cash to cosplay in general, I wouldn't mind showing some picks of me cosplaying. Though, yeah, at this point, I'm not comfortable enough with my body to want to show myself.