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Pretty good list, but noticeable admissions from Fantasy are Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea cycle, Brian Jacque's Redwall, and anything by Jane Yolen . Also Arthurian Lore could be (should be) its own chart. Mary Steward's series is really good, but TA Barron's Lost Years of Merlin is brilliant, and Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising Sequence is worth mentioning. Props for including Something Wicked This Way Comes, though.

Scifi is missing the Wrinkle in Time series (I mean, c'mon), and has two Le Guin books for some reason, when she's a fantasy legend. I had another title to add here, but it just slipped my mind.

Also they have a small undead horror section without mentioning Dracula. Wut. Better than Frankenstein, btw.
Oh, I remembered. There are no Michael Crichton books.