Fanservice FTW

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fail gloves gun magazine you're_doing_it_wrong // 720x540 // 80.3KB eating gun you're_doing_it_wrong // 612x612 // 80.8KB tagme you're_doing_it_wrong // 592x394 // 197.1KB cosplay naruto rock_lee weeaboo you're_doing_it_wrong // 500x649 // 50.0KB aioi_yuuko animated_gif jump_rope nichijou you're_doing_it_wrong // 600x340 // 545.4KB hiiragi_kagami hiiragi_tsukasa izumi_konata lucky_star takara_miyuki thriller you're_doing_it_wrong // 850x566 // 99.1KB boobs breasts kuribayashi_yayoi lolwut mouse you're_doing_it_wrong // 500x375 // 42.0KB dog_days quality tagme you're_doing_it_wrong // 371x492 // 50.0KB