Fanservice FTW

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animated_gif kami_nomi_zo_shiru_sekai microsoft nintendo playstation saturn sega sony tagme the_world_god_only_knows video_game wii xbox // 500x269 // 850.3KB gay klonoa matthew_perry tagme twitter wii // 1246x866 // 574.8KB aki_minoriko balance_board kirisame_marisa mountain_of_faith touhou wii wiimote // 980x735 // 241.9KB lolwut ninja tagme video_games wii // 400x567 // 67.1KB evony nintendo parody tagme wii wii_play // 450x625 // 188.7KB mp3 music nintendo remix wii wii_shop_channel // 3.7MB controllers dreamcast gamecube kami_nomi_zo_shiru_sekai katsuragi_keima microsoft nintendo sony tagme the_world_god_only_knows wii xbox_360 // 1280x720 // 94.1KB animated_gif kevin_butler nintendo playstation_3 playstation_move sony video_games vidya wii // 330x186 // 2.9MB dio_brando jojo's_bizarre_adventure nintendo princess_peach sega translation_request wii // 636x900 // 361.2KB console-tan lolwut tv wii wii-tan wiimote // 350x300 // 33.1KB anthropomorphization moe wii wii-tan wiimote // 450x542 // 54.8KB