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tagme welcome_to_the_nhk // 598x927 // 176.2KB nakahara_misaki satou_tatsuhiro subtitles tagme welcome_to_the_nhk // 668x1225 // 563.9KB amagami ghost_in_the_shell manga nausicaa_of_the_valley_of_the_wind then_and_now welcome_to_the_nhk // 2500x1080 // 520.5KB animated_gif spinning tagme welcome_to_the_nhk // 352x200 // 2.7MB moe perfect satou_tatsuhiro tagme welcome_to_the_nhk yamazaki_kaoru // 833x1200 // 381.8KB kill_yourself lolwut otaku satou_tatsuhiro tzion welcome_to_the_nhk // 952x1511 // 255.8KB