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k-on! war yui // 600x401 // 55.4KB barack_obama tagme war // 500x500 // 101.1KB barack_obama tagme war // 379x533 // 141.2KB 2012 america election iran iraq peace president propaganda united_states war war_propaganda weapons_of_mass_destruction // 960x577 // 44.3KB 2012 barack_obama democrat election newt_gingrich peace politics president republican rick_santorum ron_paul war // 1462x524 // 728.1KB 2012 america bailout barack_obama dictator drug_war economics election evolution freedom indefinite_detention liberty national_defense_authorization_act ndaa patriot_act peace politics president ron_paul tyranny united_states war // 952x2872 // 453.4KB tagme war // 901x2506 // 1.4MB america banks barack_obama blue comparison corporations freedom government libertarianism liberty red ron_paul this_is_true united_states war white // 410x700 // 97.9KB gay kill_yourself tagme war // 380x253 // 43.6KB battleship battleship_nagato japan japanese_navy nagato_yuki navy war // 630x882 // 574.6KB 'nam animated_gif cupcakes dog flashback happier_times memories post_traumatic_stress_disorder ptsd vietnam war // 329x319 // 4.0MB avatar money super_bowl war // 825x2630 // 758.4KB george_bush megaman war // 482x440 // 68.3KB