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cancer hydra kamina_shades marty_isenberg transformers transformers_animated transformers_super_god_masterforce // 300x422 // 46.9KB animated_gif pretender tagme tfw transformers transformers_super_god_masterforce // 563x300 // 161.4KB animated_gif beautiful combing ginrai godmaster mecha men optimus_prime transformers transformers_masterforce transformers_super_god_masterforce // 320x240 // 150.1KB genderswap minerva nightbeat transformers transformers_super_god_masterforce // 255x489 // 53.7KB dreamwave ginrai hell_yes laser_rod more_than_meets_the_eye optimus_minor optimus_primal optimus_prime powermaster_optimus_prime transformers transformers_armada transformers_beast_machines transformers_beast_wars transformers_generation_2 transformers_robots_in_disguise transformers_super_god_masterforce // 1500x1050 // 877.2KB