Fanservice FTW

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bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moon doctor_who eleventh_doctor magical_girl mahou_shoujo matt_smith parody sailor_moon sonic_screwdriver transformation_sequence // 320x2464 // 243.4KB animated_gif cure_bloom cure_bright cure_egret cure_windy precure pretty_cure pretty_cure_splash_star tagme transformation_sequence // 499x265 // 995.0KB animated_gif cecilia_alcott infinite_stratos mecha_musume transformation_sequence // 427x240 // 2.6MB animated_gif darker_than_black pavelichenko_suou transformation_sequence // 380x214 // 2.1MB animated_gif kneesocks panty_and_stocking_with_garterbelt scanty transformation_sequence // 300x170 // 2.2MB anarchy_panty anarchy_stocking animated_gif panty_and_stocking_with_garterbelt transformation_sequence // 320x180 // 3.5MB cure_blossom hanasaki_tsubomi heartcatch_precure mizuki_nana moe pretty_cure transformation_sequence // 960x810 // 171.2KB