Fanservice FTW

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animated_gif exploitable kan-colle kancolle kantai_collection parody template // 586x330 // 911.3KB card_crusher template // 540x675 // 43.5KB tagme template // 505x661 // 119.0KB exploitable just_look_at_the_time template // 418x455 // 13.1KB any_bonds_today bugs_bunny exploitable meme template // 655x557 // 29.0KB blackboard chalk chalkboard futurama good_news hubert_j_farnsworth professor tagme template // 786x596 // 49.1KB best_seller exploitable tagme template // 593x604 // 92.8KB dakimakura parody tagme template // 600x600 // 83.4KB cyanide_and_happiness tagme template // 714x249 // 112.2KB csi_miami david_caruso exploitable horatio_caine photoshop_template template // 550x599 // 42.3KB code_eross code_geass kallen_stadtfeld kouzuki_kallen lelouch_lamperouge lelouch_vi_britannia lolwut template // 950x1381 // 190.8KB