Fanservice FTW

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8-bit super_mario_bros tagme // 316x488 // 7.8KB princess_peach super_mario_bros tagme // 700x1034 // 516.2KB bowser bullet_bill game goomba koopa_troopa luigi mario men piranha_plant princess_peach question_block realistic super_mario_bros toad yoshi // 770x1190 // 216.6KB go_go_zepelli jojo's_bizarre_adventure mario realistic super_mario_bros toad // 643x737 // 296.9KB dragon_ball dragon_ball_z flash lolwut princess_peach super_mario_bros super_saiyan super_saiyan_2 vegeta yelling // 500x375 // 161.0KB cake goomba koopa_troopa mario princess_peach super_mario super_mario_bros super_mushroom // 478x363 // 52.3KB death_note kira parody princess_peach smash_bros super_mario_bros // 800x667 // 122.9KB