Fanservice FTW

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doraemon nobi_nobita suicide // 496x708 // 448.1KB happy reaction_image suicide tagme // 680x931 // 298.0KB kill_yourself nichijou suicide tagme // 960x3220 // 399.4KB bullet gun kill_yourself suicide tears touhou // 251x234 // 9.1KB animated_gif gore ken_park reaction_image suicide // 390x285 // 1.7MB facebook mountain_dew pun soda suicide // 562x430 // 90.3KB animated_gif denholm_reynholm lolwut reaction_image suicide the_it_crowd // 427x240 // 1.7MB char_aznable gelgoog gundam mobile_suit_gundam normal_suit subtitles suicide // 283x375 // 50.6KB animated_gif furude_rika higurashi_no_naku_koro_ni sonozaki_shion suicide // 200x113 // 1.2MB cute kodomo_no_jikan manga shirai_sae suicide // 1046x1071 // 501.2KB