Fanservice FTW

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coffee heroman oh_desire stan_lee umineko_no_naku_koro_ni ushiromiya_kinzo // 492x478 // 169.6KB coffee heroman stan_lee // 3264x2448 // 1.9MB heroman stan_lee // 492x623 // 31.8KB coffee heroman stan_lee // 1233x672 // 1.3MB ghost_in_the_shell heroman laughing_man stan_lee stan_lee_coffee // 1138x1024 // 651.6KB aaroniero_arruruerie barragan_ruizenban bleach coffee coyote_stark espada kubo nnoitora_jiruga stan_lee szayelapporo_grantz tia_halibel ulquiorra_schiffer yammy_llargo zommari_rureaux // 975x750 // 50.7KB animated_gif bruce_lee george_w_bush reaction_image stan_lee subtitles tagme // 256x192 // 1.0MB