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man_ray parody patrick_star socialism spongebob_squarepants subtitles venezuela webm // 400x300 // 694.1KB bernie_sanders ronda_rousey socialism tagme // 800x533 // 81.7KB chairman_mao che_guevara communism fidel_castro friedrich_engels ho_chi_minh joseph_stalin josip_broz_tito karl_marx kim_il-sung mao_zedong mikhail_gorbachev parody socialism tagme vladimir_lenin // 1024x466 // 631.4KB capitalism communism corporatism economics fascism politics socialism tagme two_cows // 960x7553 // 3.7MB charlie_brown christmas grinch jesus lolwut occupy_wall_street socialism // 864x922 // 223.0KB capitalism economics monster_truck socialism tagme // 748x598 // 114.0KB economics political_cartoon socialism tagme // 757x933 // 183.3KB communism cosplay gay kill_yourself naruto socialism tagme uchiha_sasuke uzumaki_naruto // 900x1148 // 251.1KB antichrist barack_obama gay google_suggest idiot israel joke lolwut muslim onion socialism // 782x352 // 83.0KB franken_fran socialism // 750x1080 // 157.9KB