Fanservice FTW

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badass meme neil_degrasse_tyson sketch // 769x595 // 152.7KB bludgeon classics sketch tagme transformers // 300x380 // 37.7KB drawing kyuubey puella_magi_madoka_magica sketch // 480x800 // 34.9KB drawing katou_emiri kyuubey puella_magi_madoka_magica sketch // 480x800 // 21.1KB cape cute drawing fang hat highres jumping little_busters! long_hair monochrome namori noumi_kudryavka open_mouth plaid_skirt school_uniform sketch skirt smile solo tartan thighhighs waving // 1264x1683 // 235.6KB drawing horse saxophone sketch // 487x604 // 67.0KB