Fanservice FTW

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screencap seitokai_no_ichizon tagme // 955x535 // 100.2KB screencap seitokai_no_ichizon tagme // 955x535 // 95.1KB aim_for_the_ace aim_for_the_top! boobs clannad gunbuster gurren_lagann k-on lucky_star macross outlaw_star seikon_no_qwaser seitokai_no_ichizon shakugan_no_shana tagme toradora // 1500x1500 // 918.9KB screencap seitokai_no_ichizon tagme // 956x537 // 121.7KB screencap seitokai_no_ichizon tagme // 955x538 // 141.9KB 2012 anime anime_chart bakuman chart fall gintama gothicmade hayate_no_gotoku initial_d jojo's_bizarre_adventure little_busters! medaka_box robotics;notes sailor_moon seitokai_no_ichizon tagme to_love-ru tonari_no_kaibutsu-kun // 2000x7121 // 4.6MB seitokai_no_ichizon subtitles tagme toudou_elise // 679x478 // 80.0KB psp sakurano_kurimu seitokai_no_ichizon shiina_mafuyu strategy thomas_edison // 1024x576 // 74.3KB