Fanservice FTW

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animated_gif ash_ketchum delia_ketchum hanako pikachu pokemon satoshi volt_tackle // 320x180 // 1.6MB animated_gif ash_ketchum brock dancing lolwut misty pikachu pokemon satoshi // 330x248 // 1.2MB ash_ketchum pokemon satoshi smugleaf snivy subtitles // 1280x720 // 173.4KB pokeball pokemon red satoshi // 1000x800 // 298.1KB ash_ketchum cross cubone flowers grave marowak pokemon sadness satoshi // 418x329 // 139.4KB ash pokemon satoshi tagme // 1036x729 // 208.2KB ash_ketchum fanart krillin photofunia pikachu satoshi tienshinhan // 700x607 // 89.1KB ash_ketchum brock kasumi mega_milk misty parody pokemon satoshi // 1473x1473 // 1.3MB