Fanservice FTW

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animated_gif kirishima_akari kirishima_kotone nekomimi nyan_koi tagme // 800x450 // 1.6MB animated_gif kousaka_junpei mizuno_kaede nyan_koi // 640x360 // 2.2MB animated_gif mizuno_kaede nyan_koi // 213x277 // 252.6KB nyan_koi reaction_image tagme victory // 1280x720 // 105.2KB kittah meme mizuno_kaede nyan_koi // 1280x720 // 300.4KB mizuno_kaede nyan_koi // 2560x1600 // 774.8KB ichinose_nagi nyan_koi // 1280x720 // 86.2KB