Fanservice FTW

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cereal cinnamon_toast_crunch code_geass froot_loops nunnally_lamperouge subtitles tagme // 640x680 // 117.3KB code_geass nunnally_lamperouge realistic // 630x700 // 187.3KB anya_alstreim code_geass euphemia_li_britannia genderswap lelouch_lamperouge nunnally_lamperouge rose strawberry // 1075x1087 // 458.0KB animated_gif code_geass kururugi_suzaku nunnally_lamperouge spinzaku // 448x252 // 2.7MB code_geass kira macross_frontier nunnally_lamperouge parody // 500x449 // 180.5KB cheese-kun code_geass crossover lelouch_lamperouge my_neighbor_totoro nunnally_lamperouge rolo_lamperouge // 1333x1000 // 286.1KB