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fullmetal_alchemist guyver narutard naruto newfag oldfag one_piece tagme // 565x1000 // 198.5KB animated_gif newfag shotgun tagme // 400x240 // 3.3MB a 4chan animated_gif avengers boku_no_pico hulk loki newfag sage // 302x105 // 2.8MB 4chan newfag sage tagme wrong // 986x719 // 116.3KB detector gtfo meter newfag tagme // 478x265 // 9.2KB clones hayase_misa ichijou_hikaru klan_klein lynn_minmay macross macross_frontier max maximilian_jenius michael_blanc milia_fallyna_jenius newfag oldfag ozma_lee ranka_lee roy_focker saotome_alto sheryl_nome super_dimension_fortress_macross // 783x706 // 91.0KB high_school_musical macross macross_frontier newfag oldfag what_i_watched // 1008x405 // 780.8KB