Fanservice FTW

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animated_gif kaname_madoka morning_rescue puella_magi_madoka_magica // 773x575 // 1.4MB akemi_homura charlotte gun kaname_madoka kyuubey miki_sayaka morning_rescue pantsu puella_magi_madoka_magica sakura_kyouko tomoe_mami // 500x6331 // 377.5KB morning_rescue tagme // 720x480 // 57.5KB kyuubey morning_rescue tagme // 600x450 // 51.3KB akemi_homura anthony charlotte k-on k-on! k-on!! kaname_madoka kyuubey miki_sayaka morning_rescue nekomimi pantsu parody puella_magi_madoka_magica sakura_kyouko soul_gem tomoe_mami translation_request // 3000x2000 // 1.1MB akemi_homura kaname_madoka morning_rescue puella_magi_madoka_magica yuri // 1000x1000 // 458.7KB morning_rescue puella_magi_madoka_magica tagme // 912x2000 // 565.7KB crossdressing eric_tsang guest18 morning_rescue taiwan // 703x1000 // 93.1KB charlotte kaname_madoka mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica miki_sayake morning_rescue puella_magi_madoka_magica tomoe_mami // 596x800 // 139.2KB morning_rescue tagme // 820x2982 // 1.2MB advertisement morning_rescue tagme // 956x713 // 148.6KB advertisement morning_rescue // 761x575 // 198.8KB