Fanservice FTW

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Hobbit lord_of_the_rings // 550x550 // 140.4KB futbol lord_of_the_rings matrix parody tagme // 570x321 // 56.2KB futbol lord_of_the_rings matrix parody tagme // 570x299 // 41.7KB gandalf lord_of_the_rings parody tagme // 540x421 // 97.0KB bilbo_baggins genderswap lord_of_the_rings tagme the_hobbit // 850x826 // 988.4KB lord_of_the_rings motivational otaku tagme // 568x365 // 40.6KB animated_gif gandalf lord_of_the_rings reaction_image // 245x150 // 762.1KB assassin's_creed avengers connor_kenway crysis lara_croft lord_of_the_rings tagme the_hunger_games tomb_raider // 400x2553 // 264.7KB ben_bernanke boromir federal_reserve fiat_currency lord_of_the_rings politics tagme // 493x405 // 179.9KB comparison jersey_shore lord_of_the_rings lurtz orc snooki uruk-hai // 600x315 // 305.2KB asheron's_call burnout burnout_paradise daggerfall elder_scrolls farcry farcry_2 fuel grand_theft_auto gta guild_wars just_cause just_cause_2 lord_of_the_rings oblivion test_drive_unlimited video_games world_of_warcraft // 2617x2138 // 944.3KB boromir facepalm fellowship_of_the_ring leonardo_dicaprio lord_of_the_rings mount_doom sauron tagme walking_guy // 724x2335 // 363.0KB eyjafjallajökull iceland image_macro lord_of_the_rings mordor // 600x399 // 66.4KB lord_of_the_rings tagme tom_bombadil // 1300x969 // 422.8KB animated_gif gimli lord_of_the_rings tagme vuvuzela // 400x170 // 268.7KB animated_gif lolwut lord_of_the_rings parody // 414x175 // 1.9MB boromir gondor image_macro lord_of_the_rings men minas_tirith mordor // 510x442 // 123.2KB