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lisa phantasy_star risa tagme yandere // 500x474 // 365.4KB gasai_yuno lisa mirai_nikki parody phantasy_star tagme yandere // 500x281 // 175.3KB lisa phantasy_star tagme // 478x600 // 177.8KB lisa phantasy_star tagme // 450x600 // 238.0KB lisa phantasy_star tagme // 455x600 // 431.0KB animated_gif lisa phantasy_star tagme // 639x612 // 283.8KB animated_gif fall lisa running seiken_no_blacksmith trip // 262x220 // 3.3MB animated_gif aria lisa seiken_no_blacksmith sword // 641x200 // 1.8MB katanah lisa seiken_no_blacksmith seiyuu_joke to_aru_kagaku_no_railgun toyosaki_aki uiharu_kazari // 800x460 // 167.2KB katanah lisa seiken_no_blacksmith seiyuu_joke tagme toyosaki_aki // 480x480 // 37.2KB