Fanservice FTW

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audio knuckles parody shijou_takane tagme webm // 854x480 // 1.3MB 2ds 3ds dante devil_may_cry ds knuckles nintendo sonic&knuckles tagme true_story // 550x637 // 142.5KB knuckles sonic tagme // 535x588 // 42.7KB danny_devito death_star dr_robotnik keanu_reeves knuckles lolwut parody sonic sonic_the_hedgehog steve_buscemi tails vin_diesel // 510x786 // 117.9KB knuckles sonic sonic_the_hedgehog tagme // 541x571 // 158.0KB knuckles sonic sonic_the_hedgehog tagme tails // 508x615 // 31.3KB