Fanservice FTW

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chuunibyou_demo_koi_ga_shitai keanu_reeves parody tagme // 960x599 // 70.3KB danny_devito death_star dr_robotnik keanu_reeves knuckles lolwut parody sonic sonic_the_hedgehog steve_buscemi tails vin_diesel // 510x786 // 117.9KB bakemonogatari keanu_reeves parody tagme // 1280x720 // 193.2KB america conspiracy conspiracy_keanu democrat government keanu_reeves meme politics progressivism republican statism this_is_true true_story united_states // 551x549 // 70.3KB joseph_stalin keanu_reeves photoshop sad_keanu shoop winston_churchill world_war_ii yalta_conference // 500x410 // 72.4KB keanu_reeves kim_jong-il kim_sul-song north_korea photoshop sad_keanu shoop song_hye-rim // 450x479 // 55.6KB heroman joey_jones keanu_reeves photoshop sad_keanu shoop // 570x929 // 171.0KB cowboy_bebop keanu_reeves // 550x590 // 100.7KB