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deanna_troi jean-luc_picard marina_siritis patrick_stewart star_trek star_trek_the_next_generation the_next_generation tng true_story wesley_crusher wil_wheaton // 449x408 // 62.6KB animated_gif jean-luc_picard jonathan_frakes patrick_stewart star_trek star_trek_the_next_generation tagme tng william_riker // 510x416 // 2.0MB animated_gif enterprise jean-luc_picard patrick_stewart star_trek star_trek_first_contact star_trek_the_next_generation tagme tng // 250x200 // 96.7KB alien deanna_troi jean-luc_picard star_trek star_trek_the_next_generation tagme the_next_generation tng william_riker worf // 792x1224 // 581.4KB animated_gif jean-luc_picard patrick_stewart star_trek star_trek_the_next_generation tagme the_next_generation // 500x223 // 896.7KB bat'leth england jean-luc_picard patrick_stewart queen_elizabeth_ii star_trek tng united_kingdom // 452x601 // 86.6KB jean-luc_picard patrick_stewart reaction_image star_trek tng // 694x530 // 90.7KB animated_gif captain_picard jean-luc_picard patrick_stewart star_trek tagme // 225x122 // 3.0MB charles_xavier earl_grey hot jean-luc_picard rozen_maiden shinku star_trek tea william_riker xmen // 483x507 // 72.5KB