Fanservice FTW

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e3 hirai_kazuo iwata_satoru microsoft nintendo sony // 320x180 // 826.0KB e3 hirai_kazuo iwata_satoru kojima_hideo microsoft nintendo reggie_fils-aime sony // 528x297 // 1.9MB 2ds iwata_satoru nintendo parody tagme the_shining // 700x525 // 56.3KB 3ds iwata_satoru miyamoto_shigeru nintendo reggie_fils-aime // 1800x1350 // 743.8KB animated_gif e3 hirai_kazuo iwata_satoru kojima_hideo mark_cerny nintendo reggie_fils-aime sony tagme video_games // 640x360 // 2.7MB iwata_satoru nintendo ohgod photoshop shock shoop // 960x540 // 95.7KB animated_gif iwata_satoru miyamoto_shigeru money nintendo nintendo_ds video_games // 409x254 // 123.9KB