Fanservice FTW

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clannad ibuki_fuko moe pictures_that_gave_eri_murasaki_a_heart_attack tagme // 500x375 // 30.7KB clannad flash ibuki_fuko tagme thriller // 640x480 // 973.7KB animated_gif clannad ibuki_fuko star tagme // 480x272 // 893.9KB clannad ibuki_fuko moe // 500x375 // 138.8KB bubbles clannad cute ibuki_fuko moe star starfish tagme // 1280x720 // 812.0KB clannad ibuki_fuko moe // 1280x720 // 642.1KB clannad clannaids flash ibuki_fuko moe tarouze // 480x360 // 4.4MB animated_gif clannad ibuki_fuko tagme // 268x240 // 1.9MB chibi clannad ibuki_fuko // 500x500 // 35.3KB