Fanservice FTW

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heart_attack hnnnnggh moe reaction_image takamachi_nanoha // 450x508 // 26.3KB animated_gif another heart_attack lolwut tagme // 533x300 // 1.4MB heart_attack katawa_shoujo nakai_hisao tezuka_rin // 500x500 // 212.3KB at_first heart_attack tagme // 1280x1440 // 235.4KB heart_attack ikezawa_hanako katawa_shoujo letter nakai_hisao spanking // 311x791 // 60.8KB 4koma hakamichi_shizune heart_attack ibarazaki_emi ikezawa_hanako katawa_shoujo mikado_shiina nakai_hisao satou_lilly so_moe_i_could_die tezuka_rin // 1555x820 // 741.1KB bacon heart_attack ikezawa_hanako katawa_shoujo nakai_hisao // 311x791 // 125.8KB